Frequently Asked Questions


Join us at our personalized Library Research Workshops. Some instructors offer extra credit for attendance. Reach out to your professor if you'd like that as an option. Questions? Contact Colin Williams at

Wreck the Works Cited

Craft the perfect Works Cited / Bibliography with expert help from one of our Librarians. Your Professor will be like, "What? How'd you make this so nice? A+!"

Missing: Sources for Your Paper

Work one–on–one with a Librarian to find those articles, books, and other sources for your research paper. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Actually it happens twice a week, but still, get in here and find those sources.

Literally Librarians!

Come visit a Librarian, literally, to get help on your research, finding articles, citing books, and getting anything else done that a librarian can help you with.