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Vanakum (Tamil, India), Nno (Igbo, Nigeria), Ékabo (Yoruba, Nigeria), Sannu (Hausa, Nigeria), Mabuhay (Tagalog, Philippines), Chao Mung (Vietnamese), Bienvenidos, (Spanish), Fáilte (Gaelic, Ireland and Scotland), Velkommen (Danish), Welcome

On behalf of the Library faculty and staff, I welcome you to Long Beach City College Libraries, comprising the Liberal Arts Campus Library and the Pacific Coast Campus Library.

In striving to provide the College community with the latest information technology and value-added service, the Library is deeply committed to the College's educational mission and instructional goals . In recent years, the Library faculty have particularly focused on the goal of working collaboratively with the faculty from other disciplines to integrate information competency across the curriculum.

By offering a panoply of information resources, including WorldCat Local -the Library's Web-based catalog-subscriptions to numerous online databases , electronic books, and virtual reference service , the Library transcends the physical confines of a brick-and-mortar structure to provide information around the clock available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, "anytime, anywhere." By entering into resource-sharing partnerships and reciprocal agreements with other libraries, the Library has further extended information access to on-campus and online communities of learners.

To prepare students to function effectively in an ever-changing technological environment and an information-based economy, the Library faculty is sensitive to diverse learning styles and delivers customized instruction in workshops, orientations, face-to-face courses, Web-enhanced courses, and online courses.

The Library faculty and staff, some hail from Vietnam, Nigeria, the Philippines, Mexico, and India, and other countries, draw on their ethnic and cultural roots to bring an acute awareness of the variety of values and perspectives represented in those whom they serve.

Please consider the Long Beach City College Library as your partner in learning. We value and appreciate your input, I encourage you to share with me your suggestions concerning the Library's services and resources.

Ramchandran Sethuraman

Library Department Head