Frequently Asked Questions


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Orientations with LBCC Librarians are great ways to introduce your students to research strategies, in-person and online library resources, and help communicate the importance of Information Competency throughout a student's academic career.

Orientations last 1 hour. If you would like extra time at the end, please let us know in the Notes field of the form below. Should the room and space be available we will certainly try to accommodate your class with post-orientation, workshop-style assistance.

Please fill out one form per class orientation. If you have any special requests, assignments, or relevant information you'd like your Librarian to cover, feel free to let us know in the Notes field.

Orientations should be requested at least two weeks in advance. This allows our librarians to properly prepare and schedule our busy classrooms ahead of time.

We love to see the professor's attend the orientations with their students, in fact, we love it so much it's our policy.

If you've had an orientation in the past or would like to leave some feedback, please fill our our survey.

For more information on the effectiveness of subject specific orientations, please refer to this report: How Subject-Specific Library Orientations Promote Student Success [pdf file].