Frequently Asked Questions

ILL Borrowing Policies


  • Interlibrary Loan is available to all Long Beach City College regular and extension faculty, staff, and students with a Long Beach City College identification card, current validation sticker, and a clear library record..
  • Interlibrary Loan service is not extended to guest card holders, Research Affiliates, Friends of the Library, Long Beach City College Alumni, and mutual-use cardholders.

Interlibrary Loan Request Accepted

  • Interlibrary loan requests are accepted in-person at the Circulation Desk and Reference Desk
  • Requests are accepted for research purposes for items not held by Long Beach City College Library.
  • Requests are NOT accepted for recreational reading, currently required classroom textbooks, and items held by the Long Beach City College Library.
  • Long Beach City College non-circulating library materials or items held on microform are considered available for use and may not be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Long Beach City College library materials not located on the shelf must be searched by the Circulation staff and declared missing before the interlibrary loan request is accepted.
  • Requests for Long Beach City College library materials that are charged out are not accepted by the Interlibrary Loan. The patron is asked to place a "Hold" or "Recall" for the materials at the Circulation Desk.
  • Requests are limited to 5 requests per person per week for students and 7 requests per week for faculty. The purpose of this limit is to make the interlibrary loan service available to many rather than to only a few.
  • Repeat requests for the same item by the same person are not accepted due to the high cost of interlibrary loan transactions. Items requested often are brought to the attention of Collection Development for possible purchase.

Fees to Borrowers

In support of the academic programs and research at Long Beach City College, the College Library normally requests materials from the free lender libraries or reciprocal libraries. If materials have charges or fees, it is the responsibility of the borrower or requestor to pay the charges imposed by the lending libraries for loans or photocopies.


  • No renewal requests are made on overdue materials. It is the patron's responsibility to request a renewal, if needed, three days before the due date.
  • Reciprocal loan arrangements with other libraries allow for only one renewal request per interlibrary loan item.
  • Some libraries do not grant any renewals. Borrowed items from these libraries are stamped "non renewable" on receipt in Interlibrary Loan so the patron will be aware of the limitation when the material is picked up.

Patron Responsibilities

  • Overdue Materials
    • The interlibrary loan files are checked on a weekly basis for overdue items.
    • First overdue notices are immediately sent to patrons for each item that is overdue. A fine of $.25 per day after the due date accrues for each item. There is a three day grace period which means patrons will not have to pay a fine if the items are returned one or three days after the due date. The fines for items returned four or more days after the due date will start accruing the day after the due date. A note indicating the $.25 per day overdue fine will be on the interlibrary loan identification strap.
    • Faculty are exempt from paying overdue fines, but must pay replacement charges for lost or damaged books.
    • Patrons are set deliquent in WorldCat when materials are one week overdue. Deliquent patrons may not charge out any Long Beach City College library materials until the overdue interlibrary loan item is returned.
    • A patron with any overdue interlibrary loan material may not submit additional interlibrary loan requests or pick up items previously ordered until the overdue is cleared.
    • A second overdue notice is sent when the item is two weeks overdue.
    • A bill is sent when the item is three weeks overdue or if the item has been lost or damaged. Students will have a hold placed on their banner records, which means registration privileges are suspended.
    • When the item(s) are returned and/or paid for, then the PAC and banner holds are lifted and all library and registration privileges are restored.
    • In order to alleviate the problem of overdue materials, patrons will be allowed to renew or reorder copies of interlibrary loan materials currently in their possession seven days prior to the due date (or renewal date).
  • Claims Returned
    • If, after the first overdue notice is sent, the patron claims he/she has returned the item, then a complete investigation is carried out by an interlibrary loan staff member. The first step of the investigation is to check interlibrary loan's system records (OCLC) and paper records to see if the item has been returned. The second step is to ask the lending library if the item has been returned to them. The last step is to check the stacks.
    • If the item is not found by the time the second overdue notice is sent, then a second investigation is carried out, repeating the steps carried out during the first investigation.
    • If the item is not found after the second investigation, then the patron is held accountable for the item. A bill is sent to the patron and holds are placed on the patron's record, which means the patron's library and registration privileges are suspended.
  • Violations
    • If a patron has a pattern of returning interlibrary loan items late (three or more within a semester), or a pattern of claiming he/she has returned interlibrary loan items that cannot be located (three or more within a semester), then all interlibrary loan items requested will be for 'library use only.'
    • Should a patron repeatedly disregard the interlibrary loan guidelines, his/her interlibrary loan privileges will be temporarily or permanently suspended. Some actions which may result in suspension of privileges are: returning books late, not picking up requested material, and not paying fines and/or fees.
    • If a patron disregards the interlibrary loan due date, does not respond to overdue notices by returning the overdue item, and is set deliquent two times, or, if the patron states to interlibrary loan staff that he/she has no intention of observing the due date, his/her interlibrary loan priveleges may be suspended indefinitely.

Copyright Restrictions (1978 Copyright Law)

  • Patrons requesting a photocopy must sign that they have read the copyright notice. This notice and a place for signature appear at the back of the interlibrary loan photocopy request form.
  • Entire copyrighted works, including monographs and journal issues, may not be requested as photocopy without the written permission of the copyright holder.
  • Titles reaching copyright limitation are referred for decision on subcription.

Use Restrictions for Borrowed Materials

  • Lending libraries sometimes place restrictions on the use of materials they lend to Long Beach City College library patrons. Examples:
    • For use in the library only
    • For use in Special Collections only
    • No copying permitted
    • No renewals.

Interlibrary Loan always follows the restrictions set by the lending library in cooperation for the loan.