Frequently Asked Questions

Interlibrary Loan Lending Policy


We lend materials to:

  • Any institution or corporation. Items must be requested through their library liaison staff.
  • Individual patrons. Patrons who want to request an item must do so through a library. Students of a college or university must go through their school's library. Citizens of the community may go through their public library.
  • All libraries that borrow items from us must accept full responsibility for any charges, losses, or damages, which may occur as a result of the transaction*.

*See Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States Explanatory Supplement, Section 4: Responsibilities of Requesting Libraries.

Types of Interlibrary Loan Requests Accepted

Requests from borrowing libraries may be sent to us via OCLC, the mail, or fax. We do not accept requests over the telephone.

We only accept requests from Worldshare ILL or ALA forms, or from requests submitted via our catalog, WorldCat (you can review the instructions on this process here). Computer reproduced ALA forms, fax and email, and any other ILL interface i.e. ILLiad, are also accepted. We do not accept ILL requests by telephone. Requests sent on any other types of forms or papers will not be accepted, i.e. telephone calls.

Types of Materials Loaned Out

  • Books: We loan books out. They must be returned to us within 35 days.
  • Articles: We photocopy articles and send them to the borrowing libraries. Photocopies do not have to be returned to us.

Types of Materials Not Loaned Out

  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Videos and other media
  • Bound and Unbound Periodicals
  • Electronic articles and ebooks
  • Reference books
  • Items in the Play Collection
  • Items in the Paperback Collection

Initiating Requests

The librarian or library staff from the borrowing library must send a request from WorldShare ILL or other ILL interface for each item needed.

A maximum of five items at a time may be borrowed from us. Requests will be processed within 24 hours.

If UPS or Federal Express deliveries are preferred over normal means of shipment, the borrowing library will be charged $15.00 per delivery (maximum of 5 items).

Turn-around Time

If the requested item is on the shelf, then we can usually send it out within 24 hours. The method of delivery makes a difference in the amount of time it takes for the item to arrive at the borrowing library.

Methods of Shipment

  • Fourth Class. Books mail within the state of California. Also use for out-of-state books going to a PO box address, but make sure green insurance slip is attached. Items are insured for $50.
  • UPS Delivery. Books going out of state requesting for immediate shipping.
  • U.S. Fourth Class Mail. All articles going anywhere within the United States.
  • Fax. Fax articles if the borrowing library requests it and is willing to pay our fax fee. If fees are required, make sure the invoice is attached. Do not fax if articles are more than 25 pages long; if articles contain graphics, maps, charts, etc.; or if articles are copied from microforms.

Charges for Lending Services

Book Fees (Loan Fees)
Lender Fee
Institutions who charge us ILL fees Same as their fees For-Profit Organizations $10.00
Reciprocal Institutions $ 0 (and no additional charges)
Non-profit Organizations $ 0 (and no additional charges)

Additional Charges

Fee Amount
First Class postal fee $5.00
Rush delivery service $10.00
Ex. Federal Express
International First Class postal fee $ 8.00
Lender Fee
Institutions who charge us ILL fees
First 50 pages $10.00 / article
Each additional page $ .50 / page
Reciprocal Institutions $ 0 (and no additional charges)
Non-profit Organizations $ 0 (and no additional charges)
Additional Charges
For-profit organization service fee $ 5.00
Fax Transmission (25 pgs max) $ 5.00
Rush Fax Transmission (25 pgs max) $15.00

Note: Microfilm, microfiche, bound and unbound materials cannot be loaned out.

Lending Restrictions

Our library limits access to items under certain conditions in order to make these items more available to our patrons. Some of these restrictions include:

Renewals (One or None)

The borrowing library can only renew items once. However, if one of our patrons has a hold on the item, the borrowing library cannot renew the item. The borrowing library cannot renew items if they are overdue.

Library Use Only

We may restrict certain loaned items to Library Use Only. This means that the items may only be used within the borrowing library; they cannot be taken outside of the borrowing library. The Access Services Librarian or the Acquisition Librarian of our library is the one who decides which items will be for Library Use Only.


Certain items cannot be loaned, but some pages within these items can be copied and sent. These items include periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers) microform (microfilm, microfiche), and books catalogued within the last 3 months.

Media items (videos, CDs, laser discs, cassettes, etc.) cannot be loaned.

If any of the above restrictions are enforced, it is noted on our copy of the ILL request, which we send with the item.

Overdue Items & Suspension of Lending Services

Overdue notices are sent out according to the following schedule:
  • 1st Notice - If item is two weeks overdue
  • 2nd Notice - If item is three weeks overdue
  • Invoice for Replacement - If item is one month overdue or reported lost. However, if one of the following situations applies, then the Invoice for Replacement is sent out after three months:
    • The borrowing library has sent correspondence indicating it is attempting to retrieve the item from its patron
    • The borrowing library claims the book has been returned

(An additional 30 days is granted to allow time for the item to reach our library, assuming the borrowing library is acting in good faith to secure its return.)

The borrowing library is responsible for all charges of lost or damaged books as per section 4, number 8 of the National Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States Explanatory Supplement, 2008, which reads:

the requesting library is responsible for the material from the time it leaves the supplying library until its safe return to the supplying library.

Lending services will be discontinued if:

  • The borrowing library repeatedly has overdue items
  • The borrowing library continuously loses our materials
  • The borrowing library has unpaid invoices for lost materials or services provided

Copyright Requirements

Compliance with copyright laws is the responsibility of the borrowing library. An indication of copyright compliance must be indicated on their ILL request. We will not fulfill requests that do not have copyright compliance on them. If the request is sent to us through the mail, the fax, or Ariel, does not have copyright compliance; we will mail the request back to the borrowing library. If the request is sent through OCLC, we will provide a conditional response: "We cannot supply this title unless copyright compliance is indicated on your request."

Our Lending Department reserves the right to refuse any requests for photocopies, which it believes, would constitute a violation of copyright laws.

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